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Latch Field Station Non-Cellular

Latch Field Station Non-Cellular

The Latch Field Station is more than just the core of the LATCH IoT system; it's your property's smart command center. Paired with the LATCH Manager App, it manages your smart sensors, ensuring alerts and responses are handled without a hitch.

  • Device Management: Capable of overseeing up to 300 devices, the Field Station ensures comprehensive coverage across your property's footprint. Based on your building’s blueprint, we recommend strategically placing 1-2 units per floor.

  • Beyond WiFi: The Field Station builds its own LoRa network, stepping around the all-too-common WiFi pitfalls to deliver continuous, reliable protection. 

  • Plug, Play, Protect: Connecting this hub to your WiFi network brings your Latch sensors to life. Adding more sensors? They'll hop on the network and get to work without missing a beat.

Packing a punch with its savvy tech and clever design, the Latch Field Station is your go-to gadget for wrangling your property's IoT ecosystem, delivering top-notch control and insights.

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