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Latch M

Latch M

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The Latch M is a mortise lock which means it is built into the door, which adds an extra level of security to the lock. About 75% of multi-family and office buildings use mortise locks so they are pretty common. It also automatically locks when the door closes which provides even more security. 

Like all mortise locks, the Latch M is an interconnected lock, which means that it can be opened from the inside in a single motion (single egress). To unlock the door, you can use the Latch app, a keycard, a doorcode, or an Apple watch. 

The Latch M can be used for any type of door but works best for apartment units and amenity spaces. It works best with new construction so that the doors can be fitted with the M from the start and don't have to be reworked.

Each lock requires a $5/month subscription. In order to purchase this subscription you can email us at or give us a call at (314) 200-5218.

  • Simple management through Latch Mission Control
  • Field reversible so it can work with left or right swinging doors


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