Learn more about Latch from these Frequently Asked Questions.

Latch Overview:

What are the main features of the Latch access control system?

  • State-of-the-art hardware for online and offline functionality, as well as wireless unit door options.
  • Centralized management through Latch Mission Control, enabling remote access control and smart keyless entry for residents.
  • Advanced security and convenience with modern features.

How does Latch differentiate itself from other access control providers?

  • Latch stands out with it's unique combination of exceptional hardware and fully integrated software.
  • The locks operate both offline and online, ensuring access control is maintained even without an internet connection.
  • Latch is unique in creating both software and hardware in-house, ensuring perfect end to end experience for property managers and residents.

How do I purchase Latch software and how much does it cost?

To order a software subscription please contact software-sales@latch.com and our team will assist you. Mission Control & the Latch App Latch offers a simple subscription price of $5 per month per door.

Integration and Compatibility:

Can Latch be integrated with other building management systems?

  • Yes, Latch can be integrated with several ePMS (Electronic Property Management Systems).
  • We allow user integration to pull resident information into the Latch app and Access Automation to provide residents access based on lease dates and assigned unit mapping.
  • While it works alongside other solutions and allows for instant export of ePMS data, it does not integrate with other keyless entry solutions and is managed independently.

What types of doors or entryways is the system compatible with?

  • Latch locking hardware can typically be used on any type of door or entryway that can be cut to the required specifications which varies by lock type.
  • The Latch R can be used with any door using an electrified locking mechanism.

Can the system be used to manage parking access or other external areas?

  • Some customers use the R device to manage parking garage access.
  • Wiring can be linked to garage door or gate.

Can Latch accommodate both residential and commercial tenants in mixed-use properties?

  • Yes. Primary design is for residential use but our common area entry devices are perfect for commercial tenants.
  • Door schedules can be used to keep doors unlocked during open business hours.

User Management:

How is user data stored and protected?

How easy is it to add or remove users from the system?

  • For administrators using Mission Control, it involves a few simple steps to grant or revoke access for residents and guests.
  • The system also supports bulk actions for efficiency, and individual access permissions can be adjusted as needed.

How does Latch handle tenant turnover? Is it easy to revoke and reassign access?

  • Tenant turnover is managed by the property manager.
  • The ability to easily revoke and reassign access through Mission Control or automatically via ePMS automation.

Can I manage access remotely if I'm not on-site?

  • Yes, access can be managed remotely.

How does the system manage visitor access for tenants' guests?

  • Tenants manage visitor access, handling everything from invitation, access timeframe, to revoking access.
  • They can send 15-minute or day guest codes for property access.

Are there features tailored to amenities, like gyms, pools, or community rooms?

  • Yes, features tailored to amenities include key schedules, door schedules, bookings, and the ability to disable doorcodes to prevent unauthorized sharing.

What happens if a tenant or resident loses their access device or phone?

  • Tenants have multiple backup access options, including door codes, keycards, or using an Apple Watch.
  • If none of these options work, tenants can contact their landlord for assistance.

Does the Latch system have a minimum or maximum number of users?

  • No, the Latch system is scalable and can accommodate properties of all sizes.

Are there any ongoing fees or subscriptions associated with using Latch?

  • Yes, there is a software fee covering the use of Mission Control and the resident-facing Latch app, typically around $5/unit/month.
  • Additional fees may apply for other extra integrations or services like Concierge Pro.

Mobile App and User Interface:

Is there a mobile app? If so, what features does it offer?

  • The resident facing LATCH app is available on iOS and Android devices and is used to unlock doors, invite guests, book spaces, and view access logs.
  • The Latch Manager app, is used primarily in installation for device activation.

How straightforward is the system for tenants who aren't tech-savvy?

  • The system is designed to be straightforward and intuitive, even for tenants who aren’t tech-savvy, requiring minimal management from the tenant.

How easy is it for tenants to onboard with the Latch system?

  • Tenants easily onboard simply by activating their account and setting a password through an email invitation.
  • They initially use their phone and the Latch App for door unlocking, but can use door codes afterwards.

Installation and Maintenance:

How quickly can the system be installed and set up?

  • Installation time varies based on project size and installer, ranging from a few days to a few weeks.
  • System setup typically takes one to two weeks, concurrent with installation.

How intuitive is the setup process for someone without much technical expertise?

  • The setup process is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward.
  • Latch Support is readily available to assist if any help is needed during the setup.

How energy efficient is the hardware?

  • Battery-operated devices are highly energy-efficient, with a typical battery lifespan of about 2 years.
  • Hardwired devices operate on low voltage using little power.

How reliable is the Latch system's connectivity? Does it work offline?

  • The Latch system is designed to be highly reliable, with devices capable of operating offline using Bluetooth.
  • While an internet connection is needed for updates and remote management, residents can still access doors using their app, keycard, or door code offline.

Growing With Latch:

Can the system be scaled as my building or property portfolio grows?

  • Yes, Latch is designed to scale with your property portfolio!
  • Additional properties can be added to the same portfolio in Mission Control, allowing portfolio managers to have control and visibility into all properties.
  • The system is set up to be easily standardized, making the addition of new properties scalable and repeatable.

Can I manage multiple properties or units from a single Latch interface?

  • Yes, you can manage multiple properties and units from a single interface in Mission Control.

Is Latch cost-effective for small properties?

  • Yes, Latch offers competitive pricing and the ongoing software fees are quite affordable, making it a cost-effective solution for small properties.