• Lisa Ackroyd - Director of Internal Audit

    “Since starting with Latch, I feel energized by everyone's motivation to bring our customers the best products we can. The company's culture for growth and product innovation is contagious and the fast paced work environment allows for exposure to a lot of different areas, so the opportunities for professional growth and development have been wonderful.  I would definitely recommend Latch as a great company to work for and I'm excited to see what our future holds!”

  • Gonzalo Larralde - Head of Mobile

    “At Latch, the culture is defined by the people you interact with everyday. We work hard to create and foster an inclusive environment where people can be who they are and bring it to work, feel confident to take ownership, safe to make mistakes and learn from them, and find healthy collaboration spaces.

    We believe in mutual career elevation through peer-mentoring. We encourage people to get exposed to new challenges and give them the opportunity to learn from others.

    We are in the process of building new teams and big projects are forming ahead of us, so this is an amazing growth opportunity to take on.”

  • Javier Loucim - Senior iOS Engineer

    “Our culture is open and collaborative, we are committed, take responsibility and ownership, fostering an environment where individuals are encouraged to contribute with their unique perspectives and ideas, pursuing common goals.

    I really appreciate our culture, which is supported by a great team! This is something that has a lot of value for me.

    Latch is a great place to work, mainly because of it’s People, that’s the key. Great (and more importantly, nice) people make great teams helping create a safe culture.

    If you are considering joining our company, try to reach a friend or a connection that works here and ask them: “Are you happy with your work?” (for me, the responses I had were conclusive: “I don’t have pre-Monday blues”). ”

  • Hayden Yates - Marketing Coordinator

    “The culture at Latch is very entrepreneurial. I’ve been so fortunate to work on projects and get the exposure to venture an opinion on differentiated projects. It is a very collaborative environment, I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many new people and get to work with them on various projects.

    I enjoy the exposure to so much of the business side of things, not just the inner workings of marketing but how my role plays into the overall goals of the company. 

    Latch really pushes you and gives you the confidence to go out and try something new that you may have not had the chance to work on previously. 

    If you join us, you’ll have a lot of fun and you will never have the same day twice.”

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