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Latch Leak Lasso (Pre-Order Now, Shipping in Q2)

Latch Leak Lasso (Pre-Order Now, Shipping in Q2)

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Available for pre-order now, shipping in Q2.

Whether it's a sneaky dribble under a dishwasher way up on the tenth floor, or a stealthy water heater breakdown lurking in a mechanical closet, the LATCH Leak Lasso has got you covered. This nifty lasso stretches a little over 4 feet with its rope-style sensor cable, allowing you to target those leak-prone zones with precision. And let's talk about the puck – not only does it boast a siren that belts out a 105dB wake-up call, but it's also hooked up to the LoRa Field Station for instant alerts. If water ever decides to go where it's not invited, the Leak Lasso will be the first line of defense, keeping you one step ahead.

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