Guest and

Delivery man speaking to the Latch Delivery Assistant via the Latch Intercom
Collage showing Latch Intercom interface and Latch Intercom buttons

Let anyone
in as soon as
they arrive.

Latch has always made it simple to share access with guests, and the Latch Intercom guarantees that even unexpected guests can always get in. When visitors and delivery providers arrive, they simply dial using the intuitive interface and tactile buttons that are easy to use, even while wearing gloves. A Latch user, building staff member, or the Latch Delivery Assistant then answers the call, and all it takes is a single tap to let their guests in from anywhere.


Instead of overflowing package rooms or towering stacks of boxes, the Latch Delivery Assistant’s virtual doorman ensures that delivery providers can always get in when they need to. Once packages are delivered, building partners have the tools they need to manage the influx of deliveries and, when paired with the Latch Camera, can also monitor the package room to keep the space secure. That way, Latch users always have peace of mind knowing their deliveries are safe, and they’ll be notified exactly when it has arrived.




Man in furnished apartment with Latch on door, Google Nest and smart light on wall, and Latch Hub on ceiling.

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