Latch makes spaces better places to live, work, and visit.

Renting physical spaces is the world's oldest subscription service. People spend a lot of money every month for an experience that is outdated, inconvenient, analog, impersonal, and leaves a lot to be desired. Latch is working to make every building better, and while we've methodically executed this mission since our founding with great success, we're just getting started.

Leveraging our knowledge from companies like Apple, BCG, and IDEO, we’ve rethought how people interact with space. Latch delivers a full-building operating system designed to help owners, residents, and third parties like guests, couriers, and service providers seamlessly experience the modern building. We’ve done this by combining software, devices, and services into a holistic platform that make spaces more efficient, enjoyable, and profitable.

At our core we have always been and will always be a product company, and more than half of our employees work in product development roles today.


We approach our work with care and a sense of duty, to make the world a better space.

Contagious Determination

We pursue excellence. Our ability to persevere together allows us to go beyond expectations.


We believe in the strength of team over self. We embody empathy and respect. When disagreements arise, we communicate and commit.


Trust is the foundation of every strong relationship. We act and communicate with honesty and care.


We believe in the power of a diverse team. We embrace everyone’s differences and strive to create safe and welcoming spaces for all.

Action with Intent

We have a vision for a better future and a desire to lead the way. We learn as we go and are unafraid of taking deliberate risks while remaining flexible to reach our goals.


We believe everyone’s privacy is sacrosanct. We base each decision on our commitment to protect all information shared with us.

Lens into Latch

Meet members of team Latch, and learn how they are living our values, in their own words.

Executive Profiles

Luke Schoenfelder

CEO and Co-founder

Brian Jones

CTO and Co-founder

Thomas Meyerhoffer

CDO and Co-founder

Barry Schaeffer

Interim CFO

Thomas Meyerhoffer

CDO and Co-founder

Thomas Meyerhoffer is a co-founder and the Chief Design Officer at Latch, where he leverages his experience as a designer, innovator, and entrepreneur to blend the best of form and function in Latch’s industry-leading product design.

As a creator of some of the most remarkable, innovative sports and technology products of our time—like the translucent Apple eMate and his hourglass-shaped surfboards—Thomas’s designs are used by people all around the world everyday.

As head of design at Latch, Thomas and his team oversee the industrial and product design of Latch’s suite of software, hardware, and service products that power LatchOS. Under Thomas’s leadership, Latch products have received ten international design awards and counting.

Prior to joining Latch, Thomas was a senior designer at Apple, and a designer at IDEO.

During the last 20 years, Thomas has also designed iconic products for global brands ranging from Porsche and Coca Cola, to Cappellini and NEC through his eponymous design studio.

Thomas is the recipient of a wide range of design awards and patents. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Outside Magazine, The Surfer’s Journal, and in exhibitions at The Cooper Hewitt and London Design Museum.

Dhruva Rajendra

Chief Product Officer

Dhruva Rajendra is a co-founder and the Chief Product Officer at Latch, where he oversees the entire product organization as they expand LatchOS’s growing ecosystem with new software, hardware, and service products that combine Latch’s iconic design with an intuitive user experience. Throughout his career, Dhruva has built a track record of product excellence via thoughtful, trustworthy products across a range of industries experiencing rapid digital disruption.

As a co-founder of Latch, Dhruva was instrumental to Latch’s initial products and roadmap. Since rejoining the team in 2020, Dhruva led a reorganization designed to focus more of Latch’s resources on each of LatchOS’s core offerings, resulting in greater operational efficiency, transparency, and collaboration across the product and engineering organizations.

Prior to rejoining Latch, Dhurva served as CEO of Fast Rope Labs, a global product strategy consultancy. There, he helped Fortune 100 companies develop a start-up mentality for their product organizations—while simultaneously helping startups scale their product organizations like Fortune 100 companies. Under his leadership, Fast Rope Labs shipped and scaled dozens of products across real estate, fintech, healthcare, and education that are used by millions on a daily basis.

Previously, Dhruva served as Head of Product at Main Street Genome, a software company that optimizes restaurant operations through data-driven insights. Earlier in his career, he worked in strategy consulting for clients including Qualcomm, Alarm.com, and UnitedHealth Group.

He is a graduate of Wake Forest University.

Fields of Expertise

Latch's diverse team leverages established expertise in more than 55 professional disciplines, including:

Life at Latch

“At Latch, you will have the opportunity to wear many hats and try new things. If you want experience in areas outside your main role, the team is always willing to work with you to make that happen. Projects move quickly so you’ll get to work on many interesting things even in a short period of time. Technical and professional development comes naturally because you are tasked with meaningful work and there are always huge learning opportunities. In my four years at Latch, I have never been bored and am always excited to see what’s next!”

Sarah Plis

Staff Mechanical Engineer

“My favorite part of my job is collaborating with my colleagues. I’ve never had such a diverse set of peers–software, design, product, manufacturing, recruiting...the list goes on. I’m constantly learning from them, and their high level of care shows in the products we ship."

Parker Oka-Wong

Senior Software Engineer

"Here at Latch, we’re not only socially mindful, but proactive about it. I can confidently sign onto work each day, and bring my best to the table without worrying about the uncertainty of the world, or our representation in it. Pair that with an encouragement to use cutting-edge cloud technologies among a pool of diverse thought leaders, and you end up with a pretty special workplace"

Dom Zanardi

Software Engineer, Security


Latch is committed to having a team that reflects the society in which we work. To hold ourselves accountable, we are actively prioritizing and investing in organization-wide initiatives focused on the following pillars of our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts:


Recruiting new team members that are representative of our society's diversity.


Hire and promote leaders to ensure that diverse perspectives are reflected in Latch’s most meaningful decisions.


Training team members on how to create an inclusive and safe workspace, so that all employees feel truly welcome to be themselves at Latch. This includes a diversity, equity, inclusion review, support of our team member-led Committee to Combat Systemic Racism, and conscious inclusion training for our entire team.


Fostering a culture that considers health, happiness, diversity, and inclusion for the long term, including clear opportunities for career advancement and professional growth.

Latch Offices

Latch's global headquarters is located in New York City, with additional offices in San Francisco and Taipei.

New York City


San Francisco

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