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Latch Product, Software, System

U.S. Patent Number(s) and Pending Patent Application Number(s)

LatchOS Smart Access, Guest Delivery and Management, and Resident Experience Modules (including M, R, C Series Devices, Intercom, Latch Camera, Delivery Assistant, Latch Manager Web, Latch Mobile Apps, Augmented Reality Technology, Retrofit Technology)

9,437,063, 9,666,000, 10,083,559, 10,490,000, 10,163,285, 10,515,495, 10,885,734, 10,872,483, 10,909,792, 16/657,570, 16/689,608, 16/514,676, 17/011,501, 17/171,540

LatchOS Smart Home and Sensors Module

10,909,792, 17/085,160, 17/171,540

Latch M Series


Latch C Series

D772692, D778138, 29/721,535, 29/721,538, 17/145,922

Latch R Series

10,872,483, D839761

Latch Intercom

17/085,160, 29/712,722

Latch Lens

17/145,952, 29/721,540