Vehicle Entry With Your Voice

Now, iPhone users can simply ask Siri® to unlock using the Latch App, and they’ll gain access without ever taking their hands off the wheel.

"Hey Siri, unlock the garage door."

A Hands-Free Way to Unlock

Experience easier vehicle entry at parking garages or parking lots with unlock with Siri. Simply set up a Siri Shortcut on your iPhone, and ask Siri to unlock the device as you pull up.

Easier Guest Garage Access

Property managers and residents can both share guest access to the garage, so visitors can enter seamlessly when they arrive.

Oversee Every Door, All in One Place

Just like with every other common door, property managers can manage the garage door in Latch Manager, so they can share and revoke access or remotely unlock from anywhere for streamlined operations.

Bring easier access to vehicle entry.