December 4, 2019

Why We’re Bringing Smart Access to Canada

At Latch, we’ve built the first fully-integrated access solution for the modern building—providing residents and property managers with unprecedented convenience, flexibility, and security through smarter hardware, software, and services. 

In just a few years, our access-control devices have changed the way that multifamily apartments operate. Today, 1 in 10 new apartments in the United States are being built with our products—and now the time has come to set our sights internationally. 

We’ve always known that Canada was poised to stake its claim as a major player in the real estate innovation space. As PwC’s Frank Magliocco told the Financial Post, “Investments in proptech have spiked, almost like a hockey stick.” We’re excited to see industry leaders like Brookfield investing hundreds of millions in emerging technologies, supporting those who believe that their buildings should provide them with increased flexibility and peace of mind. 

This is why we’re pleased to announce that we’ve expanded into Canada with a focus on the greater Toronto and Vancouver area, and have partnered with leading developer Camrost Felcorp to bring smarter, more connected living to their new projects in the Exchange District, Upper East Village, and Blue Diamond. 

Years ago, we asked ourselves: why shouldn’t someone be able to accept a package when they’re not home? Why wasn’t it easier for people to share their space with their friends, their families, their dog walker? How could the right combination of software and hardware products help property managers save time and money? The result is a multi-door access solution that makes buildings more valuable, meets the needs of the modern resident, and facilitates the kinds of services and experiences that access once blocked.

We’re proud to be working with forward-thinking developers like Related, Tishman Speyer, Brookfield Properties, RxR, and Prometheus, and we’re excited to further our reach with this Canadian expansion. 

If you’re building a multifamily condo or rental in Ontario or British Columbia, we’d love to chat with you. You can get in touch with our team here, or learn more about Latch at