November 12, 2019

Latch Announces New Intercom, New Latch M Series, Expanded App Functionality, and Partnerships with Sonos and ecobee

NEW YORK, November 12, 2019 — Latch, maker of the first integrated access system for multifamily apartments, today announces the extension of their full-building solution with the launch of the Latch Intercom. The Intercom will integrate with their front door devices and software products, as well as a variety of speakers from sound experience leader Sonos, to facilitate smarter entry.

They are also unveiling an updated Latch App and Latch M Series (their most popular unit-entry device), in addition to a partnership with smart thermostat maker ecobee, to enable a connected living experience that prioritizes simplicity, security, and ease of use.

“We’ve spent the last five years focused on creating and deploying our access-control products, and today, we’re thrilled to show how they power new services and experiences,” said Luke Schoenfelder, Latch Co-Founder and CEO. “With these additions to the Latch system, we’re able to further deliver on our mission—helping people open, manage, and share the spaces that matter.”

The new Latch Intercom

The first intercom developed as part of a full-building access solution, the Latch Intercom will change the way that residents and property managers welcome those visitors who wouldn’t normally receive credentials in advance, such as couriers and service providers. Usability and durability are at the core of the product’s design, which features a tactile button interface and impact-resistant materials to support any visitor in any weather condition. Specifically, it will be easy to navigate with gloved hands, a decision made to help the delivery people who make up a large portion of existing intercom users.

For building owners and property managers, the device’s industry-first connectivity options—it connects via ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular LTE—make it a smart and cost-effective choice for both new construction and retrofit projects. For residents, an integration with Sonos makes letting in guests even easier—allowing them to receive visitor alerts on compatible speakers, including the Sonos One or Sonos Move.

“Our focus has always been on making it easier to let the right people in,” Schoenfelder said. “It’s why we partner with companies like UPS to reimagine the way that buildings receive packages, and why we continue to build products that help bring residents closer to the services they depend on day-to-day.”  

The new Latch M

The company’s unit-entry device designed for mortise locks, the Latch M has been redesigned to support hardwired power and built-in WiFi. This will eliminate the need for battery changes, and provide property managers with the ability to receive real-time guest notifications and access updates when using Latch to facilitate services like short-term rental.

The device will also feature a ZigBee 3.0 radio—making it the first access-control product to connect sensors and smart home devices without the need for a standalone hub, and eliminating many of the security vulnerabilities present in older protocols. Using the Latch App, residents will be able to easily control these devices, including lights, thermostats, and sensors, while property managers can use the Latch Manager platform to monitor for leaks and maintain energy efficiency in vacant units.

The updated Latch app

At the center of the company’s connected living experience is the Latch App, which residents can now use to operate a variety of smart home devices. Today, Latch announces the first of these device partnerships with ecobee, the maker of smart thermostats engineered for comfort and customized control. Using the app, residents will be able to seamlessly adjust the temperature in their apartment; through an integration with Latch Manager, Latch’s property management system, and SmartBuildings, ecobee’s management platform, building operators will be able to maintain energy efficiency after units turn over.

“We're always excited to see other companies that also take a thoughtful approach to the home," said Graham Beauregard, Director of Product Management at ecobee. "Latch provides an outstanding solution for multifamily buildings—delivering real benefits to both residents and property managers, and making it a perfect partner for our devices and SmartBuildings platform.”

Additional app features include a new unlock function, which dramatically increases unlock speed for Android and iOS devices. The company is also unveiling the new Latch App for Apple Watch—a dedicated unlocking experience that allows users to leave their phone behind.

The updated Latch M and Latch App are available now (with additional features launching soon), and Latch Intercom will be available for installation in multifamily apartments as part of the company’s full-building solution beginning in summer 2020.

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About Latch

Latch makes multifamily buildings better places to live—integrating hardware, software, and services to provide residents and property managers with greater flexibility, convenience, and security. Founded by a group of former Apple employees, the company brought its first products to market in 2016—and today, 1 in 10 new apartments in the U.S. are being built with their devices. With Latch, residents can use a smartphone, keycard, or code to unlock their door, and share temporary access with visitors and service providers. For property managers, a single web-based platform makes it easy to let the right people in, handle lockouts, and oversee staff from anywhere. Latch also partners with service providers including UPS and Walmart’s to facilitate in-lobby unattended package deliveries in cities across the country.