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Latch is proud to partner with UPS, the nation’s largest carrier, to offer smart deliveries directly inside your building lobby for the first time. Check if your building is eligible for smart deliveries today.

The world’s first smart deliveries.

Our partnership with Walmart’s enables customers to order anything online and get it delivered securely to their building lobby without ever having to be home. Non-doorman buildings in New York City are using the Latch system to provide their residents with an entirely unmatched level of delivery convenience.

Read more about our innovative partnership in the WSJ.

A new type of hospitality.

We got to work with the Niido team to define the access experience for their totally new co-living concept powered by Airbnb. At a Niido property, building residents and their Airbnb guests need secure and seamless access to every part of the building. The Latch access system was able to meet all of the challenges posed by this environment and create totally new opportunities for this exciting new Airbnb experience.

Read more about our partnership in Multi-Housing News.

The intercom of the future.

We’re passionate about solving every aspect of the access challenge and providing a smart intercom solution has been a priority since 2013. We've found a great partner to enable a combined Latch access experience in Comelit, one of the world’s leading intercom manufacturers. Through our partnership, residents will be able to receive calls from Comelit intercoms and provide access directly within the Latch app.

Need smart access?

We’re excited to work with partners across industries to enable new experiences.

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