February 10, 2021

The New Latch C2 Connects Even More Buildings to LatchOS

We’re excited to announce the debut of another addition to Latch’s growing ecosystem of industry-leading products to connect more people to the vast capabilities of LatchOS. Made to deliver an enhanced access experience for everyone that interacts with a building, LatchOS powers everything from smart access to guest and delivery management to connectivity, for a single, unified solution. Now with the Latch C2, both new construction and retrofit projects alike can experience enhanced efficiency and added value for everyone who interacts with their building.

“At Latch, we’ve always been on a mission to make spaces better places to live, work, and visit. Latch’s industry-leading smart access solutions connect our customers to the power of the LatchOS ecosystem,” said Latch co-founder and CEO Luke Schoenfelder. “The Latch C2 was designed with years of learnings and insights to offer a better and more cost-effective solution for our customers to experience a better building firsthand.”

Connecting Customers to Our Powerful Ecosystem

LatchOS is a combination of products, software, and services that powers a building’s most important capabilities. With five distinct modules including smart access, connectivity, smart home and sensors, guest and delivery management, and resident experience, LatchOS allows customers to customize the solution to their exact needs. The Latch C2 is yet another way for customers to bring this powerful ecosystem to their building.

Whether a new construction project or retrofit project, the C2 serves as a gateway to the convenience, flexibility, and efficiency that LatchOS enables.

Made with Retrofits in Mind

Latch is no stranger to deploying retrofit projects. Since 2017, we’ve partnered with some of the country’s largest developers including Brookfield Properties, AvalonBay, and Prometheus Real Estate Group on hundreds of retrofit projects from San Francisco to Blue Spring, Missouri, to Brooklyn, New York and from high rise to garden style to pre-war buildings. Our successful retrofits have often led to portfolio-wide adoption for our customers who have experienced the benefits of LatchOS firsthand.

Our track record of success has helped us understand the challenges that owners and operators face when it comes to choosing the right solution. As a product that is easier to install and more affordable, the Latch C2 is a time-saving and cost-effective new solution in an increasingly competitive real estate market. Even in buildings with door frames that have shifted over time, Latch C2’s patent-pending turn mechanism provides tactile feedback, ensuring smooth locking and unlocking for an efficient solution as the building matures.

To deliver a better resident experience, the NRP Group, an industry-leading developer, owner, builder, and manager of best-in-class multifamily buildings and an NMHC Top 50 Developer, is one of the first to select the Latch C2 for their portfolio. From Texas to Florida to Washington DC, NRP will roll out the Latch C2 to 14 properties in 2021 alone.

“Our goal is to provide the best experience for our residents and installing a unique and cutting-edge technology like the Latch C2 allows us to do that,” said NRP Management President Erick Waller. “Convenient access control for our busy residents has been a feature that has been more and more in-demand over the past few years, and we believe this trend will continue. Latch and the C2 are a cut above the rest and will continue to be.”  

Easier to Install

The Latch C2’s three-piece modular design simplifies installation and doesn’t require extra wiring or a hub, which results in less wasted time, fewer headaches, and lower costs. The patent-pending turn mechanism also provides tactile user feedback to make installation more straightforward, especially in older buildings that may have alignment issues.

Increased Operational Efficiency

The C2 is designed to cut down on the need for building staff to regularly monitor battery life or change batteries on a regular basis, saving time and operational costs. Because the Latch C2 doesn’t use battery power to lock or unlock the door, it has double the battery life of its motorized counterparts at 24 months, even with constant Bluetooth availability. Every time a resident unlocks using the Latch App, property managers also get automatic battery life updates, ensuring they know when batteries need to be changed.

Thanks to a patent-pending design, the C2 also allows Qi-compatible devices to share power with the C2, so that residents and property managers also have a backup power option. By enabling the C2 to draw a small amount of power straight from a power-sharing enabled smartphone or wireless power bank, the Latch C2 ensures that users can always unlock and get in, even in the event of a low battery.

When configured with the Latch Hub and the Latch Camera, the Latch C2 also lets property managers and residents view a set of burst photos associated with relevant access events at common and apartment doors. To keep private spaces private, residents see guest access events at their own unit, while property managers see those from common areas and guest entries. That way, residents always know who entered their space and when, and property managers can more easily keep the building secure.

A Better Way to Lock and Unlock

Like all Latch devices, the C2 delivers many convenient ways for residents to unlock every door. Users can unlock using physical credentials like a keycard, in addition to the Latch App, Apple Watch, or doorcodes. It also allows residents to share remote access with friends, family, and service providers, so they have more flexible access options for both their own apartment and building common areas. Unlike many smart access devices, the C2 doesn’t require credentials to lock, adding convenience and saving time for users who can lock the door without needing to use their phone, code, or keycard.

The Latch C2 is now available. Contact our Sales team to learn more about Latch for your building.


Return on Smart Building Investments

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