August 20, 2021

The Latch M Streamlines Operations and Delivers Added Convenience for Users

We’re excited to announce the updated Latch M, our mortise lock that’s built for every door. Designed to be easy to install without any added infrastructure, all of the required hardware is built right into the device itself. That way, more buildings of all shapes and sizes can experience LatchOS, our full-building operating system of software, products, and services.  

“First, we started with access. But we didn’t stop there,” said Latch Co-Founder and CEO Luke Schoenfelder. “We are always innovating and looking to improve our products for our customers to deliver them the best possible solution for managing their spaces. With the Latch M, we’ve done just that.” 

The updated Latch M is an industry-leading device in our growing ecosystem of access products, built with world-class engineering. Designed to connect more people to the endless capabilities of LatchOS, the Latch M is the gateway to all five LatchOS modules, including smart access, guest and delivery management, smart home, connectivity, and personalization & services.

The Latch M also helps to simplify and streamline building operations, making management simpler for staff. The easy-to-install device doesn’t require any costly additional infrastructure like wiring, hubs, or routers, and thanks to a two-year battery life and faster upgrade times, building staff can save time to focus on other tasks instead of worrying about monitoring the devices. They’ll also have access to Latch’s enterprise management platform, Latch Manager, which allows them to easily grant and revoke access for residents, oversee smart home devices in vacant units, and share access with trusted visitors, like vendors and delivery providers. The device is available in both Latch black and satin chrome finishes to ensure a unified look across all of the building’s hardware.

Like all Latch devices, the Latch M can be unlocked several convenient ways, including with the Latch App on Apple Watch or smartphone, a doorcode, and with physical credentials like a keycard. Similar to the Latch C2, the Latch M also has our Inductive Jumpstart™ feature that ensures that it can always be unlocked. Even if the batteries die, the lock can be opened using Qi-compatible power sharing from a smartphone or external battery pack. That way, residents can always access their space. 

Alongside the mortise body, the Latch Lens is the brains of the Latch M. Featuring a numeric display for entering a doorcode, back and enter buttons, and faster upgrade times, the Latch M is now built with the latest version of our lens, using 39% less plastic and producing 44% less e-waste than its predecessors for a more eco-friendly approach to smart access. 

Contact our Sales team to learn more about the Latch M for your building.


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