May 11, 2021

Retrofitting with Latch: Adding Instant Flexibility and Convenience for Residents

Instead of juggling multiple keys or fobs, struggling to let in their friends and family, and missing packages and deliveries, there’s a way for buildings to deliver a better, more holistic resident experience. Latch uses a cutting-edge combination of software, hardware, and services to transform how residents think about their spaces.

Many tech amenities require extensive infrastructure which make them cost-prohibitive for older buildings that weren’t built with modern technology in mind. Latch, however, has been designed for all types of buildings to ensure that residents can always have the experience they want. The Latch C2 was specifically designed with retrofits in mind so that residents—even in older buildings—can get the same luxury experience as that at a newly developed property. 

Because it doesn’t necessitate extensive installation times or costly construction to install extra wiring, Latch can be installed in retrofit projects in as little as six weeks, making it a fast and cost-effective way for owners and operators to deliver the experience residents expect—without long periods of construction or a cumbersome new system that takes months for residents to get used to. That way, building owners get the enterprise management tools they need while also adding instant convenience and flexibility for residents. 

A Seamless Transition Away From Traditional Locks

From the day installation begins, Latch devices are made to benefit residents. During retrofits, buildings often install access devices at apartments floor by floor or as residents move out and units are turned over. No matter the approach, the Latch C2 device takes less than an hour to install. That way, residents don’t have to vacate their unit for hours on end or worry about excessive noise in their hallways. Instead, residents’ day-to-day lives aren’t disrupted by ongoing construction or long installations thanks to the C2’s innovative design. 

Before installation even begins, residents can install the Latch App on their smartphone to familiarize themselves with the different features and settings. They can ask property managers questions in advance and get to know all of the features, so they don’t have to worry about troubleshooting once their lock is installed. Instead, the intuitive Latch App gives them all the tools they need to start using their new Latch devices right away for a seamless transition. 

Not Limited by a Physical Key

Once their lock is installed, residents can unlock whichever way they prefer. Instead of dealing with different access systems for common areas and apartment doors, the Latch App gives residents a universal credential to unlock every door in a building. That way, they don’t have to manage multiple keys and fobs for their apartment and amenities spaces.

Latch was also built with flexibility in mind, allowing residents to unlock whichever way they choose. They can use the Latch App on their smartphone or Apple Watch, a doorcode, or a keycard if they prefer a physical credential. That way, they’re not limited to one option and always have back-up credentials available, so they don’t have to worry about lockouts or expensive key replacement costs. And if their lock runs out of battery, the C2 has a back-up power sharing option that allows it to draw a small amount of power from Qi-compatible devices. That way, they can always gain access to the spaces they need. 

They can also remotely share short or long-term access with friends and family as soon as their lock is installed, giving them the option to more easily control who has access to their space. They simply send a guest code using the Latch App for added convenience. That way, they can more easily share access to their space with those they trust instead of copying their keys and coordinating drop off and pickup with those who need access. 

More Control of Their Private Space

With Latch, residents can also get peace of mind that their private space stays private. Unlike with traditional locks, with Latch, residents can always see when guests and building staff enter their space. With activity logs in the Latch App, they can see a timestamp and photo of who entered, so they always know exactly who is coming and going from their apartment. They can also revoke shared access instantly through the app, giving them even more control. 

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Return on Smart Building Investments

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