May 24, 2021

LatchID, a Single Digital Credential, Empowers Users to Experience Space in New Ways

There has always been one primary problem with spaces: they are siloed. Locks on every door pose a problem because each key only works with a single lock or every keycard only works at one building. But people don’t only spend their time in one space. 

As technology has evolved, the problem has become even more pronounced. Smart home devices and on-demand services continue to become more common, and people are stuck juggling multiple keys, fobs, accounts, and usernames to effectively access and manage all of their spaces.

Now, LatchID—our proprietary identification system—empowers users with a single account that handles everything for any space in our network. That way, users can move seamlessly from their apartment, to their office, to their short term rental, all using one master credential for access, devices, and services for a frictionless way to move about the world. 

“When we started Latch, we focused on digitizing keys and making access super simple. While others also realized that keys were going to be replaced by digital credentials, what we saw was different,” said Latch Co-Founder and CEO Luke Schoenfelder. “The broader opportunity has always been to create the first scaled identity platform for the physical world, one that works for every Latch-enabled user, space, and device.”

The invention of the modern credit card allowed people to have one digital identity for payments, show up in participating physical locations in their hometowns and on far flung travels, and pay for things without any issues. This experience was made possible by a trusted network of users and payment terminals. In the same way, LatchID gives users digital credentials that can be used at any Latch-enabled building and with any Works with Latch partner products. This allows them to streamline access, manage devices, and request services across residential properties, short term rentals, and office spaces. It also brings all of the simplicity and efficiency of LatchOS to any building in the Latch network.

Once users have a LatchID account, they receive a single, personalized “identity” that they can use across the Latch network. This allows them to use their LatchID for access to move more seamlessly between buildings for unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Users can also control devices like Nest thermostats and Leviton light switches, and request services to any space—all without needing multiple keys, accounts, apps, and usernames. Instead, LatchID is a singular, unified solution that empowers users with ease. 

LatchID also helps to maintain the highest levels of building security and user privacy. Each user’s LatchID protects their privacy in the physical world in the same way that the most privacy-focused companies have protected their users in the digital one. 

While these benefits have always been built into Latch products and services, the debut of LatchID will accelerate the utility of Latch’s trusted network of users, spaces, and devices with a growing range of features.

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