October 29, 2020

Latch Unveils Company Values

Today Latch unveiled new company values as part of our commitment to approach work with care and a sense of duty to make the world a better space.

The values are the result of a bottom-up, team-led process facilitated by the Latch Values Committee, a group of 26 self-selecting, diverse team members spanning each of Latch's departments, seniority levels, and roles. Over the course of three months, the committee met for thoughtful deliberation to encapsulate and enshrine the values that make Latch unique. This bottom-up approach is in keeping with Latch's understanding that successful companies foster vibrant cultures, of which each team member plays an important role.

To ensure that Latch's values will serve as an actionable framework the company can use to continuously improve, they will be incorporated into recruiting, on-boarding, and promotion frameworks, as well as used to recognize exceptional employee contributions.