June 10, 2021

Latch Celebrates Commitment to Values

At Latch, we’re on a mission to build software, products, and services that make spaces better places to live, work, and visit. In celebration of our public listing this past Monday, we’re honoring the teams and individuals that have made Latch what it is today. As we work together and develop innovative products to further our mission, the entire Latch team is dedicated to embodying our values: Contagious Determination, Humility, Trust, Inclusion, Action with Intent, and Privacy.

To celebrate the team’s commitment to these values, we’re sharing the people behind the scenes who have brought Latch’s brand and products to life. Designed to highlight individuals from across the organization, our Lens into Latch campaign honors the contributions that have helped Latch foster a collaborative environment capable of sustaining an open, innovative culture.

As we continue to expand our software, products, and services, our values will remain the guiding light for both team members and the company at large. Discover the Lens into Latch campaign over the coming weeks to meet the people who help Latch make the world a better space.

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