May 24, 2021

Latch Announces LatchOS for Commercial Office

At Latch, we’re reimagining what the modern building can be. LatchOS, our full-building operating system of software, products, and services, already makes multifamily buildings better places to live, work, and visit. Latch works with 7 out of 10 of the NMHC’s top developers, and more than one in 10 new apartments being built in the United States feature Latch products. We’ve leveraged this experience to create our commercial office solution that seamlessly introduces new technology solutions tailored for this asset class. 

As people begin to return to their offices and hybrid working models become the norm, commercial offices also need a holistic, full-building solution that delivers convenience and flexibility for tenants, building staff, and visitors. 

That’s why we’re expanding LatchOS into the commercial office space for the first time. Now, all modules—including smart access, visitor and delivery management, smart device and sensor control, connectivity, and personalization and services—will be available to allow office spaces to evolve to meet the demands of tenants, staff, and visitors, both today and in the future. 

“We are thrilled to be expanding the Latch ecosystem in the commercial office space, and are proud to empower our partners with the tech solutions necessary to provide the best experience for visitors and tenants,” said Luke Schoenfelder, co-founder and CEO, Latch. "The biggest back to office moment in history is around the corner, and Latch’s technology will ensure that office building staff, tenants, and visitors have a seamless experience from day one.”

The first product available in the commercial office solution, Latch Visitor Express, will be available in some of Manhattan’s most iconic buildings starting later this year. Visitors to the Empire State Building, Brookfield Place, and Tishman Speyer’s global headquarters at Rockefeller Center will be among the first to experience the benefits of Latch’s brand-new solutions for commercial offices. Designed for offices of every size, from high rises with every amenity to single-tenant offices without a front desk staff, Latch Visitor Express brings newfound flexibility and convenience to all types of spaces.  

To learn more about Latch Visitor Express or Latch’s commercial office solution, contact our Sales team.


Return on Smart Building Investments

Smart building technology delivers a wide range of financial benefits for multifamily owners and operators. From cost efficiencies to improved customer experience, a strategic investment in the right technology solution can positively impact both the cost and revenue sides of the ledger.

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