May 6, 2021

Inside the Latch C2: How Innovative Engineering Ensures Residents Can Always Get In

In February, Latch debuted the new Latch C2 device. Designed for both new construction and retrofit projects, C2 delivers the convenience, flexibility, and efficiency that buildings need. With a patent-pending thumb turn mechanism, three-piece modular design, and our Inductive Jumpstart™ technology—which enables Qi-compatible power sharing that charges the lock in the event of a dead battery—it is a future-proof way for buildings to integrate smart access. It also serves as the gateway to LatchOS, Latch’s full-building operating system that powers a building’s most important capabilities. 

Latch’s engineering teams find inspiration everywhere and are always looking for ways to improve the products. The initial idea for the power sharing feature first came about when a member of the engineering team was away on vacation, and her phone died. Her partner charged her phone using power sharing so they could continue using their map. This gave her the idea to try to integrate the same feature into a Latch device as a back-up unlock option. At a hackathon, she worked with other Latch engineers to develop a prototype that integrated a Qi-compatible coil into the Latch Lens. After iterating and improving over several months, the feature was added to the C2 to ensure that everyone can always gain access to the spaces they need.

The coil works by allowing the C2 to draw a small amount of power straight from the power-sharing enabled device. Whether that is a portable power bank stored in the management office or a resident’s Android Qi-compatible smartphone, the Latch C2 draws a small amount of that device’s power to power-up itself, ensuring the door can always be unlocked. That way, instead of rolling a truck for late-night lockouts, owners and operators have a cost-effective alternative that eliminates operational headaches and gives residents and property managers the peace of mind they need. 

The Inductive Jumpstart feature is a cutting-edge way for buildings to adopt emerging technology. Inside the iconic Latch Lens is a coil that allows the C2 to draw power from Qi-compatible power banks or smartphones. That way, in the event of dead batteries, residents and property managers still have an easy and efficient way to gain access to any space. 

The C2 is the ideal solution for all doors—especially as they age. The keyless, compact, and affordable device was informed by our years of experience in the retrofit market working with some of the country’s largest developers on hundreds of retrofit projects around the country. From high rise to garden style to pre-war buildings, we’ve installed our devices on all types of assets and understand that smart access devices must be made for imperfect doors. That way, even as buildings shift over time, building staff and residents alike always have the best possible experience. 

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