July 27, 2021

How to Deliver the Self-Guided Tours That Prospects Want

While the real estate industry has undergone many changes in the last year, one stands out above all: the rapid adoption of self-guided tours. As lockdowns and social distancing guidelines were put in place, multifamily owners and operators had to quickly adapt for showings to continue safely. In D2’s annual 20 for ‘20 report, multifamily executives revealed that self-guided tours were rolled out across their portfolios more quickly than any other initiative, ever. 

Not all self-guided tours are created equally. Because of the need for a quick solution during the pandemic, many property owners and managers set up low-tech, stop-gap solutions. As social distancing guidelines loosen, self-guided tours remain in high demand due to the new standard of efficiency and convenience. Upgrading to a one-stop solution that manages the entire process allows property owners and managers to differentiate their property and deliver a top touring experience for prospective residents that offers flexibility and minimizes time between residents.

Self-guided tours offer prospective residents the ability to view an apartment on their own time, create a comfortable environment for them to explore the apartment at their own pace, and enable owners and operators to manage their onsite staff more efficiently. By implementing a robust self-guided tour experience with a comprehensive management tool, smart access system, and security features, owners and operators can offer the self-guided tour experience that residents want. 

Implement efficient and effective self-guided tour technology.

Platforms like Tour24 and Pynwheel enable owners and operators to offer prospective residents a streamlined self-guided experience that can be easily managed by both prospective residents and property managers. With features like interactive mapping, scheduling, and identity verification, the entire experience is convenient and secure. 

For prospective residents, these apps offer one touchpoint to manage multiple apartment tours and the ability to conveniently select a time that suits them best. 40% of the time that prospects want to tour apartments are outside business hours. A self-serve leasing journey shortens the leasing cycle by offering flexible apartment tours that meet prospect demand. For property managers, automated identity verification provides the assurance that the right people are accessing the property at the right time without the need for in-person management.  

Integrate smart access with self-guided tour technology for a streamlined experience.

Connecting a smart access system to self-guided tour platforms increases the security of the property while providing an enhanced touring experience. By eliminating physical keys entirely, a smart access system greatly reduces the risk of unauthorized access. 

By integrating smart access with self-guided tour technology, prospective residents receive a single set of credentials for multiple spaces in a building that are valid for only a limited time period. This makes it easier for prospects to move between apartment and amenity spaces using a single, verified system and without switching between multiple apps. Instead of requiring prospects to manage multiple keys for different spaces or stop by an out-of-the-way leasing office to retrieve their ID, smart access makes it convenient for prospects to gain the access they need.

Add an extra layer of security.

While identity verification is an important step in maintaining property security, adding cameras to shared spaces and throughout the property adds an extra layer of safety that gives prospects and property managers peace of mind. 

From building to unit entry, cameras enable a remote view of the property and monitor when prospects come and go. For owners and operators, this protects spaces from damages and makes it simple to confirm that a unit has been vacated as scheduled. 

For prospects that are touring an apartment alone, a secure building will ensure they remain comfortable visiting at all hours. Cameras also protect prospects by enabling them to verify when they left the property and have proof against any claims otherwise, if need be. 

While many platforms offer smart access or enhanced security, few deliver every element needed to create a seamless self-guided experience. With LatchOS, Latch’s full-building operating system, owners and operators can easily integrate smart access and cameras with self-guided tour technology.

LatchOS enables property owners and operators to manage smart access, guest and delivery management, smart home and sensors, connectivity, and services and personalization from a single application. With the integration of platforms like Tour24 and Pynwheel, LatchOS empowers an enhanced self-guided tour experience for both prospective residents and property owners and operators. 


Return on Smart Building Investments

Smart building technology delivers a wide range of financial benefits for multifamily owners and operators. From cost efficiencies to improved customer experience, a strategic investment in the right technology solution can positively impact both the cost and revenue sides of the ledger.

There are several different ways to estimate how smart communities achieve ROI. Learn more about the four most popular approaches in our easy-to-read guides.

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