August 24, 2021

How Property Managers Can Remotely Manage Their Entire Portfolio

From keeping track of keys to scheduling resident move-in to managing maintenance teams and timelines, it takes a lot to keep property operations running smoothly. For many property managers, overseeing all of these responsibilities—and many more—is far from a 9-5 proposition. Instead, they’re dealing with issues after-hours and juggling tasks around the clock, even when they’re away offsite. 

Instead of shuttling back and forth between different properties in their portfolio, resolving resident issues, managing staffing, and coordinating vendors, Latch offers a more efficient and effective way for property managers to get it all done. By powering all of a building’s most important capabilities with a single platform, Latch empowers property managers to take their time back—all while doing their jobs more effectively and protecting their personal time. 

With Latch, property managers can simplify operations and oversee their property from anywhere. Using our web-based enterprise management platform, Latch Manager, property managers can resolve issues remotely and on-the-go for a powerful, all-in-one property management solution. That way, property managers’ jobs are made easier and residents get a better experience from move in to move out. 

Learn how Latch Manager makes it easier for property managers to remotely oversee any property or portfolio.

Latch App shows onboarding screen for people moving in.

Resident Move-In & Move-Out

When a new resident is moving in, Latch allows property managers to grant access in advance, so they can gain access as soon as they arrive—no matter the time of day. Once residents set up the Latch App, they can gain access right away, all without property managers being on-site. 

That way, residents don’t have to worry about scheduling a key pick-up during office hours. Instead, they can get into the building and access their apartment seamlessly for a simpler move-in process that keeps residents happy and offers property managers unmatched flexibility.

When a resident is moving out, property managers can set their access to expire on the lease end date. This will remove their permissions at both common doors and private residences, ensuring that only active residents can move throughout the building. When Latch devices are paired with the Latch Hub, these changes are automatic—even for users with keycards—to make the process even more streamlined.

Property managers use Latch Manager doorcode invitation for one-time access

One-Time Visitors 

On any given day, countless visitors need access to any property. Instead of sharing keys or manning an office at all hours to ensure visitors can get in, Latch makes it simple for property managers to securely share access to the doors that people need. 

Using Latch Manager, property managers can share a one-time doorcode with visitors. Once this doorcode is used, it is valid for 15 minutes. That way, people can gain access to spaces for a limited period of time to complete a specific task. From access for a painting crew during turnover to emergency maintenance teams handling floods or fires, property managers can share these doorcodes remotely to ensure that the required guests can always get in.

Property managers use Latch Manager app invitation for long-term access

Long-Term Visitors

Property managers can also share longer term access with frequent property visitors. That way, they don’t have to worry about sharing one-time access every time the visitor needs to come on-site to make things easier for both building staff and the guest. 

Property managers can share access in Latch App for long-term visitors, empowering maintenance teams like handymen or plumbers, leasing staff, and the building superintendent with ongoing access to public entrances. That way, they can move about the building as-needed at all hours without signing out a key for more efficient operations.

Property managers use Latch Manager to select doors during a resident lock out.

Resident Lockouts

Instead of dealing with late-night lockouts on-site, Latch allows property managers to let residents in anytime, from anywhere. If a resident gets locked out, property managers can share one-time doorcodes with the resident that allow them to access both the common areas and their private space. If the resident has lost their phone or it’s died, or they lost a keycard, property managers can also share a doorcode verbally or via email, allowing them to get in no matter the circumstances.


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