August 20, 2021

G2D Group and Latch Deliver a Better Work-Life Balance with On-Site Coworking

While working from home was previously an opportunity available to only a select few, nearly half of all U.S. employees began working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. An estimated 56% of Americans have a job that can be done remotely, and a staggering 96% of people would like to work from home at least part of the time, even post pandemic.

But working from home comes with downsides. From small apartments without a dedicated office space to spotty WiFi service, many apartments aren’t designed to function simultaneously as both living spaces and work spaces. To help create a better work-life balance, G2D Group has teamed up with WorkSmart, a community coworking space, to create a flexible, shared area for residents to get their work done—all without ever leaving the property. 

“WorkSmart aims to give startups and individuals a chance to be part of something bigger, while also being a hub for larger companies to decentralize and expand across multiple locations,” said Emily Wood CEO, WorkSmart Coworking.

At 71 New Street, traditional details meet modern amenities in a loft-style apartment building in Huntington, New York. The nautical-inspired space is modeled after the historic charm of Huntington Village to offer residents a quaint, old-world feel, all the while providing residents access to a plethora of modern amenities. But it’s not only the living spaces that make 71 New Street a better place for residents to both live and work.

G2D offers each resident of 71 New Street access to its WorkSmart coworking space as part of their amenity package. Residents have Latch devices on their apartment doors and can use the same credentials to enter their home and to gain access to WorkSmart for a single, seamless way to access all of their spaces.

From small perks like free printing and freshly brewed coffee to full-scale digital marketing services available to members, WorkSmart facilitates a more integrated community. While renters at 71 New Street automatically have access as residents, other local community members can join the coworking space as well and access it using the Latch App on their smartphone or Apple Watch, a doorcode, or a keycard. This allows residents to interact with other members of the community, local business owners, and entrepreneurs for a more connected community experience. 

"WorkSmart is a supportive space that breeds innovation, encourages collaboration, and celebrates every step of building the dream,” added Wood.

WorkSmart spaces will soon be rolling out at three other G2D properties in addition to 71 New Street, offering residents at each location the chance to experience their home and work spaces in a brand new way.

Interested in creating multifunctional spaces for your residents? Contact the Latch Sales team today.


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