Better together, with LatchOS.

Latch is the first multifamily operating system that makes enterprise management easier, from access control to package delivery to smart home solutions. Now, we’re partnering with Google Nest Thermostats to offer more ways to add cost- and time-savings for owners, operators, and residents—with one seamless platform.

Efficiency, security, and design, all in one place.

For the first time, multifamily owners and operators can use LatchOS and Google Nest Learning Thermostats together to create even more comfortable and convenient experiences for residents while also increasing NOI.

A Single System for Every Device
With Latch, building owners and property managers can oversee all Google Nest Thermostats from one dashboard, along with all other smart home devices including locks, lights, and leak detectors.

Increased Operational Savings
Latch’s intuitive platform paired with Google Nest Thermostats’ energy efficiency streamlines operations and lowers costs.

Simplicity and Convenience for Everyone
Like Latch devices, Google Nest Thermostats are intuitive and easy-to-use. Whether installed in common areas or individual apartment units, property managers and residents can remotely control and monitor their spaces’ temperatures anytime and anywhere.

Resident Privacy Stays Protected
Residents can always feel comfortable knowing that privacy is our top priority. Both Latch and Google Nest devices uphold a resident’s right to data protection by keeping private spaces private.

Bring Google Nest and Latch to Your Portfolio

Add the Latch building operating system and Google Nest Thermostats to your portfolio today.

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Learn more about the Latch full-building operating system and our integrated solution with Google Nest.

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