What is LatchOS?

LatchOS is the first multifamily operating system that brings together all the elements that make up the modern building for building managers, vendors, and residents. 

LatchOS has six core capabilities that unify operations for everyone—with the flexibility to pick and choose based on your building’s needs. 


Smart access

Multiple ways to unlock and remote access sharing make access more flexible and convenient.

Smart locks
Latch R, M, C Series

Vehicle Entry


Flexible connectivity

Latch products solve each building and device’s connectivity challenges, from Zigbee to LTE.

Latch Intercom and Latch Hub


Smart apartment

Control and monitor every element of your space—all from one place—even while you’re away. 

Voice assistant
Sonos integration

Utility management
Latch Water Sensor
Smart thermostats
Smart lights


Visitor and delivery management

Let all the right people in and ensure packages are delivered when they should be.

Connected access
Latch Intercom
Latch R Series

Latch Delivery Assistant


Video security

Monitor your building perimeter and your resident safety with an integrated solution.

Connected cameras
Latch Camera + Intercom


Workflow management

Automated CSV syncing and API integrations with partners including RealPage

Property management software integrations

Why choose LatchOS?

Operational efficiency

Building management can save time and streamline workflows with our six solutions.

Enterprise management

Property managers can manage and control all devices and services in a building.

System flexibility

Owners can customize their solutions based on their building’s needs.

Data privacy

Residents can rest assured that their data is always private and property managers get just what they need to manage their units.

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