Latch Manager

Handle everything with a few clicks in your browser.

Group Doors and People for fast access management.

With Keys, you’re the architect of access at your building. Keys allow you to give one or more doors to people in one motion. With just their email, you can give someone a Key, and let them choose between the Latch App, Doorcode, or Keycard.

Let the right people in, at the right time.

You can set schedules for doors within a Key. Whoever you give that Key to gets those schedules. You can set as many different schedules as you want, for as many different people as you want.

Guest control.

When you give someone a Key, for the amenity spaces for example, you can decide whether they can share that Key or not.

Security and privacy.

Latch is built around offering uniquely flexible guest sharing capabilities, while maintaining building security and privacy. Registered Building Administrators can see a photographic activity log for the common areas, and see where temporary guests have gone throughout the building. The activity of residents at their private doors however, remains private, and only viewable by the resident.

Monitor battery life.

Latch Manager identifies those locks which need your attention, so you don’t have to. Get alerts on battery life, and door updates for all the locks in your building.

Not just a Manager. An Installer too.

Create your doors, Keys, and invite your residents prior to install with Latch Manager. Then launch your building with just a scan using the Manager App.

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