Latch App

Unlock everywhere and share access with everyone.

Unlock with a gesture.

Just hold the app up to the Latch you want to unlock, and the app will automatically find the right door and unlock it.

Drop everything.

With Doorcodes, you can drop everything and go, without worrying if you've left your phone or Keycard behind. Find them in your app.

Let people in.

Give a daily Doorcode via text or email to your friends, family or services, and let them in no matter where you are. They work from midnight to midnight, and you can decide if you want them to self-destruct 15 minutes after they are first used for added peace of mind.

Peace of mind.

Your Latch records a timestamp and photo whenever your temporary guests come, so you can be sure who came and went from your home. The camera never takes photos of people who live in the apartment, and your History is only viewable by you.

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