Experience smart access.

Open, manage, and share every door in your building from your smartphone.

We are available for multifamily buildings with 25+ units. For individual residences and smaller and non-residential buildings, join our waitlist.

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Simple and thoughtful access for your entire building.

Property Management. Customizable access for one or more doors can be given to anyone—residents, staff, third party services—with just an email. 

Adaptable Access. Residents can unlock their doors using their smartphone, a doorcode, a keycard, or a mechanical key.

Peace of Mind. Latch devices are equipped with cameras that create a secure, reviewable record of anyone who accesses your space.

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Our products.

R Series

R Series

Designed for
Building entrances
Common areas
Garage gates

C Series

C Series

Designed for
Apartment entry doors

How to manage access digitally.

Through its intuitive interface you can remotely share access with your residents, staff, and guests from your computer or mobile device.

Made for everyone.


Residents can open doors with convenient and flexible credentials; by smartphone, doorcode, or keycard. 

Property Managers

Property managers can manage every door digitally from a powerful web-based access platform. 


Residents and property managers can share access confidently and securely with trusted guests when they are away. 

Care for your property and your residents.

The Latch App and Keycard remove the insecurity of physical keys, which can be copied and difficult to track.

Access can be revoked without the need to wait for an integrator or locksmith. 

Doors can be assigned schedules, so access is only available during certain times on certain days. 

By combining technology and design, we create a new level of ease for modern living.