A Latch Hub installed on the ceiling

Built to
work with
any building.

From the beginning, Latch’s access devices were built with flexibility in mind. We know that different buildings have different needs, which is why the Latch M and C don’t require network connectivity, and why the Latch Intercom runs on ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular LTE to ensure uninterrupted access.


For buildings that want internet-connected access devices or smart home products, the Latch Hub and Latch Intercom flexibility connect to the internet and provide an always-on connection—all without requiring added building infrastructure. When paired together, they power our full suite of devices for an innovative, all-in-one connectivity solution.

Collage of Latch Intercom hardware, Latch Hub hardware, and Latch Hub installed on the ceiling a room.



Mother and son family walking in apartment lobby

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