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Latch C2

Latch C2

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The Latch C2 is a great entry point into the Latch eco-system. It is easy to use and install and fits on most standard doors. The C2 is adaptable and works in apartment units, amenity spaces, and most doors with a deadbolt. It is particularly suited for retrofits as a replacement for the cylindrical locks.

To open the C2 lock, residents unlock the door using the Latch app and then manually turn the lock (there is no motorized deadbolt). There is no physical key for the C2, however, residents can unlock it using the Latch app, keycard, door code, or Apple Watch.

Each lock requires a $5/month subscription. In order to purchase this subscription you can email us at or give us a call at (314) 200-5218.

  • Perfect for buildings that don't have a single-egress requirement (if required, check out the Interconnect)
  • 6 AA batteries last about 2 years
  • The Inductive Jumpstart™ feature ensures you'll be able to unlock the device even if the batteries are dead.
  • Property managers can offer key cards if residents are concerned about being dependent on their phone

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